A significant portion of the heat energy used is possible to be effectively collected and reused for the heating of water, air or the premises.

A Finnish system

With a heat recovery system the heat of waste water can efficiently be recovered and transferred to the heating of fresh water.

The heat recovery can be enhanced with a heat pump. This way the temperature can be raised to the required level, even up to 80 °C. The pump utilizes the existing energy – already paid for once or by using the free energy found in the environment.

Heat recovering saves money by minimizing the need for purchased energy. Potential applications for the system include laundries, swimming pools, wastewater treatment plants and industrial heat recovery targets.


Finess Heat –heat recovery solutions are designed individually for customer needs. The modular design of the hardware allows for installation-ready package solutions over a wide power range. They are also easy to supplement if necessary. Installation is included in the price. We also carry out demolition and plumbing of old pipes. The installations are designed to be maintenance-free considering the specific needs of the applications.

Waste water heat recovery
» A suitable solution for all power needs

» Very flexible installation (floor, ceiling, wall)
» Maintenance-free design and unlimited extension possibilities

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Process heat pumps
» With the complementary heat pump the system can achieve a temperature up to 80 °C

» Design according to the customers processes
» Energy-efficient motors and pumps
» Optimized frequency converter uses

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Optimized settings and energy measurements
» Hardware adjusted and measured individually

» The achieved savings can be verifired with an energy measurement
» Fast supply of spare parts from the factory warehouse

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