When the energy saving investment will be carried as an ESCO-service the company’s own money and resources does not undertake investment and savings can begin immediately. The investment will be paid only by the savings achieved. We provide ESCO-projects on a turnkey basis. 

The principle of ESCO service

» ESCO-company implements and finances the energy-saving investment

» The customer pays back the investment in accordance with the savings achieved

» When the investment is fully paid for by savings, all the savings will come to the customer in full

The achieved savings are also possible to share already during the contract between the ESCO-company and the customer the customer’s costs start to decrease immediately. Customers cash flow may therefore improve instantly!

For a customer our ESCO-service is an easy and secure way to make savings:

» We carry out the investment on a turnkey basis

» We will have the responsibility of the fulfillment of the savings and the fees are based on the measured savings

» Service and maintenance are included in the contract