– Refrigeration units are designed based on customer and process specific needs, to produce cooling and freezing with optimized efficiency. The most energy efficient, natural refrigerants CO2 and NH3 are used. The modular construction allows packaged, turn-key solutions for a wide capacity range ,1-10 MW. The units can be equipped with heat recovery option.

Finess Cool refrigeration units are ideal for:
» Freezing systems
» Cold storages
» Ice making
» Cooling systems

Compact all-in-one packages
» Industrially manufactured and tested in clean, professional conditions
» Turnkey delivery on time + plug&play start-up within one working day
» Modular construction allows easy customizing to customer needs
» Safe operation with all machinery and refrigerants inside one container with separate ventilation
Cost saving all the way
» All design and component included, no influence on the process or production facilities
» Minimized footprint with compact design, can be installed outside production facilities
» Energy efficient frequency controlled compressors and pumps
» Smart, customer specific programs with remote supervision and reporting

Highly efficient natural refrigerants
» NH3 and CO2; efficient industrial refigerants with the best enviromental properties: ODP=0 , GWP=0/1
» High cooling and freezing capacity with working temperatures down to –50°C
» Minimum refrigerant charge; low service and inspection costs, safe to people and property
» For a typical 500kW unit, only 15-40 kg refrigerant charge is needed